Our Services

Vignet leverages our core expertise to offer services including app development for health programs and mobile medical apps, and usability testing and engagement strategies for deploying new programs.

Vignet serves device manufacturers’ product development, turnkey data collection, and systems integration needs to bring more robust products to market on tighter development timelines. From wearable sensors to implantable continuous monitoring devices, Vignet can assist with end-to-end product development consulting. Our solution experts will assist you with any stage of your new product development projects.

For health researchers, Vignet brings years of domain expertise and a proven track record of specifying experimental designs, ensuring best practices for quality control and safety measures, and leveraging data analytics expertise to produce insights supported by science and real-world evidence. Vignet knows what qualities the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is seeking in research applications. We leverage our domain knowledge and serve as consultants for researchers who need to design research studies with quality design, patient safety, and IRB application success in mind.

Vignet Consulting Services: App Development

Bringing Apps to Life for Industry, Research, Communities, and Global Health

Vignet has developed its research platform as a flexible platform for rapid app development on a robust, secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. Timely delivery is often an issue for mobile application launches, but not at the expense of usability, capability, security, or reliability – all of which are required to keep your application installed by your customers and in use with sustained, frequent engagement. Discuss your app development needs with Vignet, and learn about our process – from conceptual design and consideration of human dynamics, use of machine learning and adaptive algorithms, to development and usability testing.

Mobile Medical Apps

Realizing Precision Medicine and Modernizing Care Experiences

Vignet builds mobile medical apps for usability and reliability across native and hybrid, cross-platform, iOS and Android devices. Vignet has created clinical and behavioral app frameworks, based on its Vignet Research Platform, for widespread use in telemedicine and teledermatology. Discuss your cutting-edge mobile medical app with us, and learn more about how we execute app designs with FDA software processes and rigorous quality standards throughout all project phases.

Product Development

Bringing Devices to Market on Shorter Development Timelines

Personal wireless sensors and IoT passive and active sensors are part of a burgeoning industry promising integrated cloud-connected systems that produce big data for machine learning, predictive analytics, and adaptive algorithms. Vignet develops devices with FDA guidance, including Class II and Class III medical devices, and has project experience with a myriad of devices such as blood glucose and blood pressure monitors, body sensors, calorie consumption devices, cardiac monitors, ECG/EKG machines, neuro implants, smart watches and bands, and respiration and spirometry monitors. Vignet can make your next product development project a success.

Engagement Strategy

Maximizing Reach and Ongoing Engagement from Participants

Vignet’s customer initiatives depend on human-centered design to reach and engage participants of all types. Vignet knows the importance of sustained engagement when behavior change is a desired outcome. We’ve partnered with industry leaders and know what it takes to roll out successful health programs, participant studies, and clinical trials. Allow us to review your needs and assist with your rollout, reach, and engagement strategies.

Usability Testing

Ensuring Sustained Engagement through Design and Testing

As a behavior-change platform, Vignet’s Research Platform delivers surveys and assessments, bi-directional communication, and other features that allow the platform to transcend cultural, language, and literacy barriers. However, without usability testing, learning, refinement, and iteration, engagement is not confirmed as optimal. If engagement is critical to your health program, study, or clinical trial, work with Vignet to ensure usability through focus-group feedback and usability testing.

IRB Applications

Leveraging Our IRB Application Successes for Health Researchers

Vignet has core expertise and a proven history of successful Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications. We understand IRB application structure, experimental designs, quality and safety measures, and have the capacity for rapid turnaround with a high approval rate for submitted applications. Vignet’s IRB Applications services keep your research studies on track and on time.

Data Analytics

Rules Engines, Adaptive Algorithms, and Machine Learning Liberated

Vignet employs some of the top minds in data science. We understand how to collect and analyze data sets ranging from cross-sectional measurements to longitudinal studies conducted over long periods of time. Our platforms are ideally suited to handle the data collection needs of research and industry, and we implement rules engines, the latest machine learning technologies, and adaptive algorithms. Contact us to talk data analytics with our experts.

Real-World Evidence

Evidence Gathered In the Moments Where it Matters the Most

Vignet knows the value of real-world data collected in the communities where people live, learn, work, and play. These are the moments between provider visits when lifestyles and healthy living decisions have profound impacts. Vignet services include custom Vignet Research Platform programs that go beyond the clinic and collect the data most relevant to the everyday lives of individuals – expanding health literacy and accelerating evidence-based insights along the way. Let us review your needs and share how Vignet can produce real-world evidence for your project.