Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Discusses Jobs, Innovation, and the Future of Health with Vibrent

Technology and life sciences are two industries fueling Virginia’s economy and establishing the state as a leading biotechnology region in the United States. Virginia aims to be a top three biotech cluster by 2023, and Vibrent is excited to take part in this mission. With hundreds of life sciences companies and dozens of top research and academic institutions, the state is already well on its way to reaching this goal. According to The Virginia Biotechnology Association, the biopharmaceutical sector, alone, has created 36,000 jobs for Virginia’s economy, and the biotech industry generated products and services worth more than $13 billion in 2008.

One great biotech example is the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI), a historic long-term effort of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to understand how factors like genetics, the environment, family history, medical records, lifestyles, and behaviors affect an individual’s health. The Initiative is unprecedented in scope and will help develop personalized prevention and treatment pathways. Vibrent Health is the sole recipient to build a national technology infrastructure and applications to engage more than 10 million consumers in their personal health journey.

With Vibrent’s role in the PMI program and its formidable technology platform, Vibrent is leading the transformation of biohealth, which shines a national spotlight on Virginia. To support the groundbreaking program, Vibrent is bringing new jobs to the region and creating unprecedented opportunities for innovation.

This week, Vibrent welcomed Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, named 2016’s BIO Governor of the Year, Secretary of Health and Human Resources William A. Hazel, Jr., and Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson to our office to discuss how we’re making this vision a reality. The entire Fairfax-based Vibrent team greeted the governor and secretaries in our office lobby, where Governor McAuliffe exclaimed,

“Here it is! The best company in Virginia!”

Together, we are on a mission to make Virginia a leading biohealth state. We talked about economic development and how initiatives like PMI are attracting the industry’s top professionals to the area. We also discussed the next generation of talent, and how we can shape students into tomorrow’s leaders. For example, Vibrent plans to work with University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, GMU and VCU to recruit exceptional students in science and technology. We’ll also explore initiatives like GO Virginia, which is already paving the way for innovation in the region. The future is very bright for Virginia, and we are excited to help shape what’s next.

To achieve this shared vision, partnerships are essential. We can only accomplish so much on our own and need the collective brainpower of industry, academia, research institutions, policymakers, and other stakeholders to drive significant change. Each of these parties brings a unique viewpoint to the table. They may have different goals, values, and interests, but when they unite for a common mission, the result can be phenomenal. Together, we can uncover medical breakthroughs and fuel new research discoveries. We can transform the way care is delivered. And we can empower millions of people to live healthier lives.

As Governor McAuliffe said,

“This is the future, and this company is the future.”