Focus Areas

Vignet’s Research Platform is a system for holistic health that enables sustained motivation through integration of patient engagement, evidence-based guidelines, disparate content sources, wearable/implantable devices and wireless sensors, patient-reported outcomes, and remote coaching.

Vignet’s platform enables real-time adjustment of protocols, content and interventions for patients with diverse needs that evolve over time. Vignet has partnered with private industries, including IBM Watson and premier device manufacturers, to leverage integrated cognitive computing technology for the delivery of precision medicine in a myriad applications, including:

Personalized Healthcare

Personalized healthcare separates populations into groups with increasing granularity, reaching the point where medical decisions, practices, treatments, and interventions can be tailored to individuals based on their predicted response or risk of disease. Needs exist within this process to define and engage cohorts of varying size, down

Needs exist within this process to define and engage cohorts of varying size, down to specific individuals. Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System has been developed to meet these needs, as a flexible platform for engaging individuals, disseminating health information, enabling bidirectional communication, and intervening when necessary.

Vignet’s platform enables full patient-centered care that comes to life as a partnership among practitioners, patients, and their families. With Vignet, personalized healthcare initiatives can ensure that patients have the education and support needed to participate in their own care, and contribute to ongoing healthcare advances driven by data.

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine has been born of the discovery that individuals respond to treatments differently, and that individuals may respond differently over time. Utilizing genetic information and other data aggregated and analyzed for insights, medical care can be customized to groups with specific genetic or molecular profiles. This process can be extended to customize treatments based on molecular changes during treatments, and in pharmacogenomics to tailor medication doses to a person’s genetic makeup.

To realize precision medicine that can seamlessly contribute to better outcomes, there exists a need to classifying patients based on their genetics, and the molecular changes that occur during treatments. Vignet’s Research Platform is a platform designed precisely for these needs. We aggregate data from disparate sources and serve as the nexus for adaptive algorithms and machine learning technology to utilize this data for classifying patients and predicting outcomes.

BRAIN Initiative

The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative seeks to revolutionize the understanding of the human brain, and lead the way to new monitoring methods, treatments, cures, and pro-active measures for preventing brain disorders. Soon we will know how the human brain is able to record, process, utilize, store, and retrieve vast quantities of information.

The need exists for a platform to monitor at-risk individuals and to disseminate programs for the treatment and prevention of brain disorders. Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System offers a turnkey platform for participant studies, real-world evidence, and launching new health programs. By accelerating the development and application of BRAIN Initiative findings, Vignet aims to help those suffering from brain disorders, as well as to identify and prevent brain disorders before they develop.

Cancer Moonshot

Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act in December 2016, authorizing $1.8 billion in funding for the Cancer Moonshot over 7 years. With the aims of producing new treatments and increasing the reach of these treatments, as well as improving early detection and prevention, data sharing is central to the Cancer Moonshot. Project needs include making data from clinical trials more available, forming an integrated network of genomic and clinical trial data, uniting communities of participants with researchers, and advancing a national cancer knowledge system.

The capabilities of Vignet’s Research PLatform are aligned with the data collection, aggregation, and sharing needs of the Cancer Moonshot. As a flexible platform for reaching and engaging participants, Vignet’s Research Platform can aggregate data from clinical trials, unite researches and participants in collaboration, and become the backbone of a nation cancer knowledge system.

Clinical Trials

Both industry and researchers have a need to execute clinical trials with shorter time-to-launch, simplify the setup and monitoring of participant cohorts, and standardize data collection with proven protocols and security standards. Following the conclusion of a clinical trial, there’s a need to make the resulting data more accessible to collaborators in order to produce actionable insights.

Vignet’s Research Platform brings rapid implementation, scalability, and rigorous standards to clinical trials. Delivered as a turnkey, hosted solution, trial participants can now be engaged with a platform customized to monitor and report data in longitudinal studies, while simplifying the process participants follow to contribute relevant data.

Opioid Abuse

The 21st Century Cures Act authorizes $1 billion in funding over two years to fight opioid abuse. This initiative aims to take on the growing problem of opioid abuse and addiction, and boosting the success of treatment programs – earmarking funds to support state-level programs targeting the opioid crisis, including prescription drug monitoring programs, healthcare provider training, access to treatments, and new health programs launched to increase knowledge and awareness of what has become a widespread issue.

Vignet’s Research Platform is a flexible platform to promote health literacy, support knowledge and awareness of opioid abuse, educate healthcare providers, provide care management solutions for more effective treatment programs, and assist on all fronts of the fight against opioid abuse.

Health Promotion

Health promotion aims to enable individuals and communities to increase control over, and to participate in monitoring, maintaining, and improving their health. This includes individual behavior and a wide range of social and environmental interventions. Promoting interest and enhancement of health literacy are natural steps toward individuals who participate in their own care, self-diagnose conditions, and carry out relevant treatments.

Vignet’s Research Platform is here to serve as a foundation for health promotion initiatives that will enhance and promote health literacy for individuals, families, and communities. Vignet enables health programs, data-gathering applications, sensor integrations, surveys and assessments, and ultimately new routines, knowledge, and behaviors that are at the center of a new era of consumer health literacy and health promotion.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine (IM) is healing-oriented medicine that involves all aspects of a person’s lifestyle and health considerations. IM aims to aggregate and consider all available data to achieve ideal outcomes that do more than just treat symptoms– producing cures or complete healing wherever possible.

Vignet’s Research Platform has been engineered to support integrative medicine with data collection from disparate sources and integration of this data as a more complete view of the patient than practitioners are used to seeing. With Vignet, integrative medicine practitioners can enhance the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient to include this holistic view and make care decisions informed by evidence that make use of all appropriate therapies.

Population Health

Population health aims to improve health literacy, information dissemination, and ultimately the health of communities and entire populations. In this focus area, needs exist to reach and engage communities, launch research studies, and unite large participant groups and researchers in conversation around the health outcomes of groups of individuals and their distribution within populations.

Viewing the health of populations in the global context, there has never been greater need or opportunity for a platform to bring researchers and participants together for studies, research, and applied insights in the form of new health programs for improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide.

Vignet’s Research Platform is positioned to be the nexus of data sharing, collaboration, and discoveries for population health initiatives. Vignet’s platform transcends cultural and language barriers to allow organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to advance care-management applications and health programs for the entire human population.