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Vignet’s Software as a Service (SaaS) Learning Health System Drives Diverse Applications and Use Cases Accelerating Scientific Discoveries and Consumer Deployments at Scale

We provide actionable insights from advances in genomics, biomarkers, environmental science, electronic health records (EHRs), consumer technologies, lifestyle research, and social determinants of health to create a personalized health journey for end users. We combine the power of data from these disparate sources to drive scientific discoveries that are combined with Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System to deploy digital therapeutics at scale and speed.

Vignet applications are tailored for consumers, patients, participants, cohorts, and populations. Researchers, care providers, friends and family are able to participate to provide encouragement, motivation, support, and care to achieve the health goals of individuals.

Vignet partners with the health ecosystem to accelerate discoveries based on real-world evidence and scientific rigor. Committed to collaboration and shared findings, Vignet serves customers ranging from advocacy groups and health initiatives, care providers and insurers, citizen scientists and health literacy initiatives, to companies and researchers in the life sciences.

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Our Customers & Partners Include:

Advocacy Groups

Vignet Helps Health Advocacy Organizations Extend Their Reach and Engage Members

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System is a platform with applications to improve health literacy and information dissemination within groups, communities, and populations. Vignet helps Health Advocacy Organizations (HAOs) enhance health literacy, reach and engage members, participate in research studies, and unite administrators, members, and researchers in the conversation around needs, preferences, and discoveries within advocacy focus areas.

As part of the Precision Medicine Initiative, we are actively seeking Health Advocacy Organizations to partner with Vignet and roll out new applications to their member bases. As an HAO, your brand, focused content, and member engagement with Vignet’s platform make a great combination to promote awareness, health literacy, and discoveries relevant to your organization.

With Vignet, your HAO can elevate its presence to world-leading education and scientific practice:

  • Add value for your members
  • Move your organization more into the technology world
  • Generate new revenue through personalized prevention, lifestyle management, health coaching, population-level data collection, data sharing, analytics, and visualization.
Health Advocacy Organizations:

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Care Providers

Provider Organizations

Vignet Enables New Health Programs and Data-Driven 21st--Century Care

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System allows provider organizations to disseminate evidence-based health programs and care management protocols that align patients and providers around health literacy, data-driven decision making, and continuum-of-care applications. Our platform automates care protocols, surveys, and assessments, integrates data from external sources and sensors, and enables personalized 21st-century healthcare.

Data streaming from wearable sensors and wireless monitoring devices, personal and family history, and sophisticated data collection and content management systems have set the stage for machine learning applications in personalized healthcare. This care management revolution is forcing the fee-for-service model to transition to a value-based model with increasing participation from care recipients. Leveraging technology, health systems in provider applications are rapidly evolving to provide care with increased efficiency and efficacy.

Military Health System

Vignet Helps Maintain a Fit and Healthy Fighting Force

Vignet’s platform is ideal for Military Health System (MHS) use in maintaining a fit and healthy ­fighting force. With applications ranging from at-risk monitoring, adaptive interventions, care management, and in-field telemedicine, to healthy living, fitness, nutrition, and stress management, Vignet’s cyber-secure data surveillance and content management platform enables the military to establish beachhead positions against threats to its recruitment, retention, readiness, and resilience.

The need exists to modernize the care experience for soldiers – active, wounded, or retired – and to eliminate recruitment and retention problems stemming from poor nutrition, obesity, lack of physical ­fitness, and tobacco use. To address these threats, the Department of Defense launched the Healthy Base Initiative to make healthy living the easy choice for service members and their families.

Referring to the space in between doctor visits as “white space,” where healthy lifestyle choices can be made, MHS and Vignet are ideal to partner to promote individual health and preventative care as a part of everyday life for service members.

Veterans Administration

Vignet Solutions Are Tailor-made for VA Applications

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System is a flexible platform ready to bring care providers such as the Veterans Administration (VA) into the era of personalized healthcare and precision medicine. With applications spanning the continuum of care, including adaptive interventions, at-risk monitoring, early detection, electronic health records integration, and management of care, disease, and medication management, Vignet offers the premier platform for veterans to be among the first to benefit from the integrative medicine approach.

From automated clinical protocols and remote care delivery, to the integration of lifestyle and other personal data for machine learning and adaptive algorithms, Vignet’s platform can deliver applications with VA branding, protocols, health programs, and research objectives as turnkey solutions.

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Citizen Scientists

Vignet Empowers Consumers to Become “Citizen Scientists”

At Vignet, we believe citizen science is more than just bringing consumers into the effort to produce useful data for doctors and researchers. We believe citizen science extends beyond research collaborations between scientists and volunteers. With health programs, data-gathering applications, integrated sensors, surveys and assessments, and ultimately new routines, knowledge, and behaviors, we anticipate a new era of consumer health literacy. That’s what citizen science means to us.

Promoting interest and enhancement of health literacy is a natural step toward citizen scientists able to participate in their own care, self-diagnose conditions, and carry out relevant treatments. Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System is here to serve as a foundation for citizen scientists who will enhance and promote health literacy in communities and populations, and for the benefit of global health.

Vignet empowers consumers to:

  • Produce useful data and information for doctors and researchers.
  • Promote health literacy in their communities and demographics.
  • Self-diagnose, participate, and take control of their own health.

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Community Health

Vignet Enables Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)

We leverage Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System to partner with community-based researchers and engage research participants in their day-to-day lives. The branded programs we create are able to disseminate content and messaging with situational relevance to participants – presenting the most relevant content to a participant at the perfect time. With Vignet, community-based researchers are able to facilitate discoveries that can lead to better care management, reduced complications, enhanced health literacy, and more engaged communities.

Similar to the needs of Health Advocacy Organizations (HAOs), Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) requires that community members, organizational representatives, and researchers unite to carry out research studies and the dissemination of relevant health programs. Vignet’s platform enables all partners to contribute expertise and share decision making and ownership on research initiatives.

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Federal Government

Vignet Selected as Official Partner in the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI)

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System is at the core of groundbreaking initiatives to bring the best of what science and technology have to offer into medicine and health care. An engaging data-collection platform, new health programs, and large participant groups are now combining to liberate the full scope of machine learning applications in precision medicine.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has selected Vignet as the technology platform for the Participant Technology Center of the federal Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI). Vignet will engage a broad and diverse national population of 1 million or more U.S. volunteers. This initiative will provide precision medicine insights with far-reaching applications for decades to come.

“The Precision Medicine Initiative will pioneer a new model of patient-powered research that promises to accelerate biomedical discoveries and provide clinicians with new tools, knowledge, and therapies to select which treatments will work best for which patients.” – White House, Obama Administration

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Global Health

Vignet Brings Game-Changing Technology to Benefit Global Health

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System is positioned to be the nexus of data sharing, collaboration, and discoveries for global health initiatives. Viewing the health of populations in the global context, there has never been greater need or opportunity for a platform to bring researchers and participants together for studies, research, and applied insights in the form of new health programs for improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide.

Vignet’s platform starts with a deep understanding of universal human dynamics, and a design philosophy that can transcend cultural and language barriers. Vignet envisions partnerships with organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), resulting in localized versions of care management applications and health programs delivered on Vignet’s platform.

There are application areas today, such as combating malaria, in which big data can be used to confront and control deadly diseases. In these applications, Vignet’s platform is ready to be leveraged in partnership with organizations focused on population health at a global scale.

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Vignet is Modernizing the Care Experience to Reduce Burden on Insurers

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System is poised to change care delivery models, add value for patients, increase efficiency wherever possible, help detect and manage diseases, and ultimately reduce the burden on the healthcare system and insurers. Insurers can now work with Vignet to hold care providers to standardized protocols, ensuring that patients have the information and access to health programs they need to receive maximum benefit from every provider interaction, and to live healthier lives in between those interactions.

In a time when patients frequently readmit for disease and post-surgery complications, there exists tremendous opportunity to improve the systems that deliver and manage treatment plans, care protocols, and medical records shared between patients and care organizations. Vignet is here to provide the platform to do just that, touching patients at every point throughout the continuum of care.

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Life Sciences


Vignet Delivers Opportunities Beyond Blockbuster Drugs

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System is uniquely positioned to assist the pharmaceutical industry with applications beyond clinical trials and drug discovery. At a time when healthcare payers and providers are increasingly focused on better outcomes at lower costs, pharma must find its niche in this new value-driven market. With Vignet, pharma companies can realize value-added services ranging from health program delivery and interactions with patients to facilitating care and medication management.

Device Manufacturers

Vignet Enables Devices and Speed-to-Market for Manufacturers

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System is a flexible platform that enables device manufacturers to bring more robust products to market on faster product development timelines. With applications ranging from wireless monitoring in wearable sensors and medical devices, to continuous monitoring in implantable devices, Vignet’s platform is the HIPAA-compliant, robust, and secure data-collection component needed to bring new devices to market.

Clinical Trials

Vignet Enables Faster, Cost-Effective, More-Efficient Clinical Trials

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System brings rapid implementation, scalability, and rigorous standards to clinical trials. Delivered as a turnkey, hosted solution, trial participants can now be engaged with a platform customized to monitor and report data in longitudinal studies, while simplifying the process participants follow to contribute relevant data. Vignet’s platform enables the execution of clinical trials with shorter time-to-launch, simplified setup of participant cohorts, and data collection driven by proven protocols and security standards.

Health Researchers

Vignet Accelerates Translational Science with Personalized Health Programs

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System is now available to researchers worldwide who seek a turnkey, hosted solution to disseminate custom health programs and carry out participant studies. The platform is available as a customizable and hosted solution enabling researchers to use their time and resources to conduct studies and develop new health programs. The resulting health programs have the potential to enhance health literacy and influence the care received by consumers throughout the continuum of care.

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Public Health

Vignet Is the Nexus of Information for Public Health Initiatives

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System helps public health workers reach, engage, and disseminate health programs and information to promote wellness and encourage healthy behaviors in the communities where people live, learn, work, and play. Vignet’s platform is ideal to spread the word about ways to stay healthy by producing science-based solutions to public health problems.

Vignet’s public health applications include serving as the platform for conducting scientific research, educating people about the risks of alcohol and tobacco, releasing programs to prevent the spread of disease, maintaining safety standards for workers, and many others. In these capacities, Vignet produces a wealth of data for health researchers, leading to new discoveries and health programs.

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System Integrators

Vignet Enables Collaboration Around Electronic Health Records

Vignet’s SaaS Learning Health System provides a platform for the collection and content management of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Care providers producing Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in non-sharable forms now have a need to modernize and integrate with other systems to produce sharable EHRs for patients and provider collaboration. Vignet’s platform is available to connect disparate systems and data sources to enhance sharing and collaboration.

Complete EHR integrations allow records covering sharable information from in-person encounters with the healthcare system to move with the patient. Vignet integrates with clinical systems through multiple methods including HL7 CCD, CCR, Continua Health Alliance, HRN, SNOMEDCT, and others. In addition to EHR integrations, Vignet’s platform integrates expansive data sets from patients’ day-to-day lives. Big data gets bigger when patients generate data in a natural day-to-day environment. That’s where Vignet can help you drive better care, health economics, and research.

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