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Imagine a world with treatment as unique as you are. Treatments that take into consideration variations in your genes, changes in your environment, your medical history and lifestyle choices you make.

The future of developing new cures for patients is headed towards personalized treatment. Vignet technology makes it possible to understand the complex relationships of cause and effect in human health and enables measure-learn-iterate cycles to close the loop—creating a 360° view of health and a personalized health journey for all.

Welcome to a new era of health where all you need to empower change is you.

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Meet Vignet

Vignet is pioneering a more personalized and holistic approach to population research and therapeutic interventions. Creating data-driven and evidence-based solutions for preventing, monitoring, diagnosing and treating diseases; the company is ushering in a new era of health.

HIPAA compliant, secure and cost-effective, Vignet’s technology platform has the ability to reach diverse, geographically distributed individuals, patients, communities, and populations with one system for various age groups and literacy levels.

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Our Products

We enable rapid launch of new health programs, medical devices and data collection from disparate source to accelerate analysis and insights that support the needs of medical devices organizations, life sciences industry, advocacy groups, care providers, insurers, individuals, communities, and populations.

Vignet Research Platform

Our secure and HIPAA-compliant SaaS platform addresses client challenges through a single, flexible, cost effective platform. Vignet supports many use cases in medical research, patient engagement, intervention, and data collection through passive and active sensing, patient feedback, education, communication, PROs, automated coaching, machine learning, and analytics.

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There is acute shortage of Dermatologists in all geographies of the United States across rural, urban and suburban populations.

To address this inequality, access to care and quality, Vignet provides a Telederm platform that allows provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient functionality to help dermatologists adopt “virtual health” into their practice. The platform provides analytics and insights for provider organizations to generate revenue through reimbursements, bundled payments and consumer payments.

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Custom Solutions

Vignet creates customized behavioral and clinical applications and solutions for any health context using broad array of technologies including mobile devices, wireless Bluetooth medical devices, wearables, sensors, IoT, streaming real-time big data and machine learning technologies.

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Our partnership with Vignet improves access to specialty consults and positively impacts health economics in the state of New Mexico."

- UNM Center for Telehealth